3 Awesome Changes for the 2020 Chevrolet Silverado HD

2020 Chevrolet Silverado HD | Glenwood Springs CO

When the 2020 Chevrolet Silverado HD was revealed, we all gravitated to the seemingly impossible spec: a 52-percent increase in maximum towing capacity, at up to 35,500 pounds. But that’s not the only big change for the new heavy-duty pickup line. Here are three other big changes for the 2020 Silverado HD that we are all excited about:

  1. The electric tailgate: Last year, the Silverado’s sibling, the GMC Sierra, benefited from the new MultiPro Tailgate. In a similar move, GM’s other truck brand, Chevy, has added an electric tailgate to the new Silverado HD, which allows the tailgate to raise or lower with just the press of a button — on the key fob, on the interior dashboard, and on the tailgate itself.
  2. Multiple camera views: For 2020, the Chevy Silverado HD gets up to 15 camera views available, making it easier to change lanes, reverse, and navigate tight spaces, with or without a trailer. That’s more cameras than any other truck in the segment. The bird’s-eye camera (HD Surround Vision) and the industry-first transparent trailer view camera are two of the standouts.
  3. Improved storage: Chevy upped its game in terms of in-cabin storage for the 2020 model, with a wireless charging station, hidden storage compartments, and more.

Experience the fresh details of the 2020 Silverado HD for yourself when you stop by Mountain Chevrolet.

River Rafting and Kayaking in Colorado

River Rafting and Kayaking in Colorado | Silverado 2500HD Near A River

Whether you’re a longtime outdoor adventurer or taking your first trip down the beautiful Colorado River, Glenwood Springs is the perfect place to start your next journey. Here’s a look at three prime spots for river rafting and kayaking in Colorado.

Grizzly Creek Rest Area

This launching point is a hotspot for rafters, kayakers, and fishing dories. The 5-mile stretch from here to Two Rivers Park is loaded with Class II and Class III rapids, making this an ideal starting point for experienced boaters.

Two Rivers Park

Although Two Rivers Park is the stopping point for many journeys, it’s the perfect starting point for kayakers and rafters looking to travel west. This calm stretch of the river allows you to serenely float through the South Canyon.

Bair Ranch

Located in the eastern part of scenic Glenwood Canyon, this humble rest area provides an improvised launching point for canoes, kayaks, rafts, and other small paddle-powered watercraft. This stretch of the Colorado is deep, wide, and relatively gentle, making it a safe bet for first-time adventurers. Boaters are required to exit at the Hanging Lake take out, located two-and-a-half hours downstream.

For more places on where to go river rafting and kayaking near Glenwood Springs, contact us at Mountain Chevrolet. Or stop by in person to browse our selection of adventure-ready SUVs, or to find out more about available roof racks you can add to your current ride.

Get Ready for Your Next Adventure: Hiking Tips for Beginners

2019 Chevrolet driving up mountain | Glenwood Springs, CO

The weather is warm, nature has bloomed, and now is the perfect time to head out on the hiking trail. But what if you’ve never hiked before? Never fear, we’re here to help you get started. Here are some hiking tips for beginners to keep in mind as you prepare for your first hike.

Start small. You don’t want to push yourself too hard the first time you head out on the trail. That’s why you should select a shorter hike for your first time, eventually building up to bigger ones.

Check the weather. It’s important that you dress appropriately for the weather, so make sure you continually check the weather before you head out. Pack according to the weather, too.

Pack the essentials. Whenever you head out on a trail, you should make sure that you pack ten essential systems to stay safe. This includes:

  • Navigation like a map and compass
  • Sun protection
  • Extra clothing
  • Flashlight or headlamp
  • First-aid supplies
  • Fire starters
  • Repair kit and tools
  • Extra food
  • Extra water
  • Emergency shelter

Wear the right shoes and socks. Hiking will do a number on your feet, so it’s important that you invest in good hiking shoes and socks. Choose only wool or synthetic socks and pack blister dressings just in case you end up with a bad one.

If you’re in need of a new Chevy to transport you to and from hiking destinations, stop by Mountain Chevrolet. We’ll help you find the right vehicle to match your lifestyle and preferences.

Check Out Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park This Summer

Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park | Glenwood Springs CO

Are you looking for a dash of adventure in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, this summer? Nothing tops Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, America’s only mountain-top theme park. The park is open year-round, but our favorite time to go is in the summer. The park has everything for thrill seekers and families: fun rides, great food, special events, cave tours, and breathtaking views.

Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park is most famous for its six daring thrill rides, including the Haunted Mine Drop, the Alpine Coaster, the Giant Canyon Swing, the Soaring Eagle Zip Ride, the Cliffhanger Roller Coaster, and the Glenwood Canyon Flyer. The Haunted Mine Drop is the park’s newest ride while the Glenwood Canyon Flyer provides incredible views of the Colorado River from high up above. True thrill seekers should take a ride on the Cliffhanger Roller Coaster, which is the continent’s highest elevation, full-sized roller coaster; like its name implies, it truly does hang right over the edge of a cliff, affording even more stunning views of the river below.

If you get hungry during your visit, grab a bite at The Lookout Grille, which, in addition to having fantastic food, is a great lookout point (go figure) for the world below.

You can purchase tickets or annual passes on the website here. If you need a ride to get to the park, check out our vehicles here at Mountain Chevrolet.

Preparing For The 16th Annual Glenwood Springs Car Show

Glenwood Springs Car Show | Mountain Chevy

For car enthusiasts, summer is the season for road trips, time in the garage, and, best of all, car shows.  Whether you’re looking to showcase your masterpiece or admire the dream machines on display, check out the 16th Annual Glenwood Springs Car Show for a great time. With live music, door prizes, a cooling tent, a spark plug-changing contest, and oldies dress-up, there’s plenty of fun to be had.

While everyone is welcome to join in the festivities, if you’re looking to show off your car, you’ll want to do a little preparation. Here are a few tips to get your car in showing shape.

First, give it a thorough wash; then buff out any minor flaws with a smoothing hand polish. Follow that up with a finishing glaze, and finish with a few coats of high-shine carnauba wax. You can also use conditioners to freshen up all of your car’s interior and exterior plastic, rubber, and leather surfaces. When you’re at the show, keep a microfiber cloth and touch-up spray on hand to clear away any dust, smudges, or fingerprints.

The car show will last from July 26-27. On July 26, the event will begin with a cruise-in at Vicco’s Charcoalburger Drive-In at 6:00 p.m., while on July 27, the lineup for the show starts at 8 a.m. in the Glenwood Springs High School parking lot. If you’re looking for a place to stay, try the event’s lodging partners at Red Mountain Inn and Caravan Inn.

At Mountain Chevrolet, we’re proud to be a part of a community so invested in classic automobiles. We hope to see you at the big car show!

What We Know About the Mid-Engine Corvette C8

Mid-Engine Corvette C8 | Glenwood Springs, CO

The upcoming mid-engine Corvette C8 has been shrouded in mystery—so much so that Chevy has not officially confirmed it, but we still know it is coming. We originally anticipated that it would debut at the 2019 North American International Auto Show in Detroit as a 2020 model, but GM Authority is reporting that electrical problems have delayed the debut of the Corvette C8, perhaps by as much as six months. (That also means we won’t see it at the New York International Auto Show this month, but we still believe it will debut this year as a 2020 model.)

So what do we know about the mid-engine Corvette C8? Unfortunately, not very much as of yet. Even the engine remains a mystery, though experts believe that it’ll like be a dual-overhead-camp V8 or perhaps an upgraded version of the Stingray’s V8. The News Wheel even posits that it could rely on an electric motor and/or come with an all-wheel drive platform.

By having the engine in the mid position rather than in the front (on a rear-wheel drive platform), Chevy will be able to improve the Corvette’s cornering, balance, and handling. This will make the Corvette competitive with rivals like the Porsche 911 and Ferrari 488.

Here at Mountain Chevrolet, we will let you know as soon as we learn new and interesting facts about the Corvette C8.

New Chevrolet Vehicles Available In Green

Chevrolet Vehicles Available In Green | Glenwood Springs, CO

One of the most exciting parts about getting a new car is choosing what color it’s going to be. The options out there are seemingly endless. But, if you know the exact color you’re looking for – and that color is green – it can be difficult to find vehicles that fit your color needs. 2019 offers the least number of green-colored vehicles in a while, with many brands dropping the color option all together. Chevrolet is not one of those brands, though.

There are a number of green-colored Chevy models to choose from. Here’s a look at the Chevrolet vehicles available in green.

2018 Models

If you’re hoping to find a used green-colored Chevrolet, then you should look no further than the 2018 model year. This year has a number of green options, including the 2018 Spark, which comes in Mint; the 2018 Equinox, which is available in Ivy Metallic; the 2018 Colorado that comes in Deepwood Green Metallic; and the 2018 Volt, which is available with a Green Mist Metallic exterior.

2019 Models

There are plenty of new models to choose from in the green color, too. The 2019 Equinox is making a reappearance with its Ivy Metallic option, while the 2019 Camaro joins the list with Shock. Even the 2019 Volt is coming back with its green exterior option, once again offering Green Mist Metallic. Another new addition to this list is the 2019 Bolt EV, which is offered in Shock.

Here at Mountain Chevrolet, we can help you get behind the wheel of a car adorned in your favorite color.

Celebrate Mardi Gras in Snowmass

Mardi Gras In Snowmass, Colorado | Mountain Chevrolet

For 36 years, Snowmass has been the go-to place to celebrate Mardi Gras in Colorado. The village is always decked out with decorations and merriments for the occasion. There is a schedule of events, as well, that takes the celebration from sunrise to long after sunset.

Uphill Race

First thing in the morning, Mardi Gras in Snowmass kicks off with the annual Mother Of All Ascensions uphill race. The race is a 2,072-foot climb from the bottom of Fanny Hill to Gwyn’s High Alpine Restaurant. Costumes are both allowed and encouraged. At the end of the race, there will be awards for best and worst times as well as best costume.

Bead Toss

No Mardi Gras celebration would be complete without a traditional bead toss. In Snowmass, the bead toss takes place at 3 p.m., so make sure you’re ready with necklaces in hand.

Bud Light Hi-Fi Concert

Mardi Gras in Snowmass brings in quite the crowd, including talented musicians. The Bud Light Hi-Fi Concert begins at 3 p.m. on Fat Tuesday, right after the bead toss, with Turkuaz performing at 4 p.m. The concert is free of charge, so grab some beads and a boa, find yourself a delicious southern-style meal, and make your way to the stage.

At Mountain Chevrolet, we are excited to be part of such a fun celebration. Visit our showroom to learn more about all of the winter-ready vehicles out on the lot.

Vehicle Service to Start the New Year Right

New Year Vehicle Service

It’s a new year, which is often a time for us to resolve to be better people and make changes in our lives. You should also resolve to take better care of your vehicle, starting with vehicle service right off the bat. Here are some of the things you can do to get your vehicle started off on the right foot—or rather, tire—this year.

  • Get your oil changed: Bring your vehicle in for its routine oil change at Mountain Chevrolet. We can also rotate your tires to ensure even wear.
  • Wash your car: Road salt from wintry weather can damage your vehicle over time. Regularly wash your vehicle throughout the year, but start with one right now.
  • Change your air filter: Get some fresh air in the new year by replacing your cabin air filter at Mountain Chevrolet.
  • Install winter tires: Up here in the mountains of Colorado, winter tires are crucial to ensuring your safety behind the wheel. Purchase your winter tires here at Mountain Chevrolet—and we can install them for you, too.
  • Test your lights, brakes, and battery: Make sure these crucial vehicle components are in working order. If you bring your vehicle in for maintenance, we can check these things for you.

For all your service needs this year, make sure you plan a trip to Mountain Chevrolet.

Robert Downey Jr. Gives Chris Evans a Captain America-Themed Camaro

Chevy Camaro - Similar to Captain America-themed Camaro given to Chris Evans by Robert Downey, Jr.

What’s the best way to tell a friend you enjoyed working with them on a project? A thank-you card? A specially designed 1967 Chevrolet Camaro? If you are Robert Downey Jr. and you’ve just wrapped up filming Captain America: Civil War with Chris Evans, you’d go with the latter.

That’s right—after finishing the filming of Civil War, Downey Jr. commissioned a special Captain America-themed Camaro to give to his costar during the filming of Avengers: Infinity War. The 1967 Camaro was recently featured on an episode of Jay Leno’s Garage.

SpeedKore Performance Group took care of the job for Downey Jr. Instead of making the Camaro a glaringly obvious red, white, and blue, SpeedKore instead opted for a more subtle grey-green paint job, called “Melted Army Man Green.” Inside, the Camaro boasts a touchscreen, a Captain America shield steering wheel, and a leather interior that mirrors the leather jacket that Evans wore as Captain American in the franchise’s first film.

Reportedly, Downey Jr. was so pleased with SpeedKore’s work on the Camaro that he has commissioned two more vehicles to be redesigned by the group. No word yet on what those vehicles are, but other Avengers actors are likely waiting with anticipation, hoping Downey Jr. chose them.

If you are in the market for a regular Chevy Camaro, consider shopping at Mountain Chevrolet.