New Chevrolet Vehicles Available In Green

One of the most exciting parts about getting a new car is choosing what color it’s going to be. The options out there are seemingly endless. But, if you know the exact color you’re looking for – and that color is green – it can be difficult to find vehicles that fit your color needs. 2019 offers the least number of green-colored vehicles in a while, with many brands dropping the color option all together. Chevrolet is not one of those brands, though.

There are a number of green-colored Chevy models to choose from. Here’s a look at the Chevrolet vehicles available in green.

2018 Models

If you’re hoping to find a used green-colored Chevrolet, then you should look no further than the 2018 model year. This year has a number of green options, including the 2018 Spark, which comes in Mint; the 2018 Equinox, which is available in Ivy Metallic; the 2018 Colorado that comes in Deepwood Green Metallic; and the 2018 Volt, which is available with a Green Mist Metallic exterior.

2019 Models

There are plenty of new models to choose from in the green color, too. The 2019 Equinox is making a reappearance with its Ivy Metallic option, while the 2019 Camaro joins the list with Shock. Even the 2019 Volt is coming back with its green exterior option, once again offering Green Mist Metallic. Another new addition to this list is the 2019 Bolt EV, which is offered in Shock.

Here at Mountain Chevrolet, we can help you get behind the wheel of a car adorned in your favorite color.

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