Tips for Safely Transporting Thanksgiving Day Food

Once you’ve made your delicious Thanksgiving Day food, you have to figure out how to get it to your destination without spilling anything. Here are some tips for safely transporting your food this holiday season.

Warm foods

Crockpots are great for keeping food warm and also for transportation since many models have locking lids to help keep food secure. If you are transporting a casserole in a dish, put it in a box and pack towels around the dish to prevent it from sliding.

Cold foods

You should pack any food that needs to be kept cold into a container. Then, put the item in a cardboard box or insulated bag that’s surrounded by crumpled newspapers.


To transport a pie that has a crumb crust, place an empty and inverted pie plate on top of the dessert. If you made a pie with a fluted crust, put a strip of double-stick foam tape over your baking sheet and place your pie over the tape. You can then tape an inverted bowl over the pie to prevent the pie from moving.

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