New vs. Used Trucks: Which is Better?

When shopping for a truck, you’ll have to decide early in the process whether you’d prefer a new or used vehicle. There are definite pros and cons to both choices, one reason we at Mountain Chevrolet have provided a comparison between the two options.

Benefits Of Buying New

Deciding between new vs. used trucks is no simple matter. According to US News & World Report, one of the major pros to buying new is that you know your truck has little to no wear, which means it will likely have a longer life than a used car. New trucks also come with the absolute latest safety equipment and entertainment technologies—like smartphone connectivity and Chevy MyLink®—and some special trims, like the Colorado ZR2, may only be offered for the newest model year.

Buying New vs. Used Trucks: The Colorado ZR2 is a reason to buy new

Benefits Of Buying Used

What are the pros of buying a used truck? Used trucks cost less, but they also depreciate at a slower rate. Some new trucks lose a significant portion of value in the first few years—usually due to a dip in demand—which means used cars are sometimes better investments in the long run. Plus, for truck owners who simply want a work vehicle, buying a used Silverado, among other trucks, is usually more practical. Not to mention, a certified pre-owned (CPO) truck is tested as being reliable and is likely to come with low miles and fairly new technologies.

Regardless of your decision, so long as you choose a Chevrolet truck, you’re bound to drive away with a great vehicle. Call or visit Mountain Chevrolet today to learn more about the pros and cons of buying new and used and see all of the great trucks we have in stock.

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